Silence ( Eng)

Silence. Hiljaisuus. Silencio.

”Silence, please” is one of the slogans to promote Finland as country worth to visit. Silence and tranquility are authentic atractions of our country. It´s something positive and natural for us. Hopefully you as visitor could feel the same.

tammi tallinna pieni mökki ja saari

I invite you to experience the silence. It´s very easy in Finland; about 75% of our territory is covered by forest and we have almost 190.000 lakes in Finland!

I would like to have a walk with you, without saying a word, in total silence, even if we were 10 or 20 walking together. Do you think it could work out?

Anu pussaa puuta

Let´s leave all the mobile devices away for one hour or two and have an experimental walk together. Maybe it´s going to be one of those experiencies you still remember after many years when thinking about our country.

I am not alone; if you would have a real Finnish experience of silence and tranquility I would like to take you to Sauna – and then I would ask my colleague Ulla-Maija to join us. She is a Tour Guide specilized in Sauna!

I have planned an excursion called: Sibelius, Sauna and Silence  (material available in Finnish, please, ask for more information). Would you like to join me to this tour in Helsinki?


Ulla-Maija Rouhiainen is real professional and among other things she is specialized in Sauna and Finnish traditions.

If you are interested in knowing even more about Silence or attend a retreat in Finland I would ask my friend Gabriele Goria to suggest the best places to go.

Gabriel tietää paljon hiljaisuudesta.

Gabriel has been researching the meaning of Silence in different cultures and has been organizing many retreats in Finland and other countries.





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