Entrepreunership based on partership: This is us! (Eng)

Transmodern way of doing business 

We are four professionals living in different parts of Europe. We share the common interest of developing our professionality in passionate way. As well we share the transmodern way of thinking which means, among other things,  that offering experiencies to our clients is an important part in service design. As well we think that the era of individualism in Tourism business is partly over and tourists are more interested in sharing the great moments with others; with those having same values and interests in  life .

Responsibility in all its senses is important for us and we think a lot about how to support local culture and people.

Entrepreneurship based on partership.

Entrepreneurship based on partership.

 This is us

EDIT 09/2021: Our two other partners, who have a lot to do with Mood of Finland company´s story are not operating at the moment. We still have a strong connection in personal level and I am grateful for the encouraging way of caring and supporting. Thank you Eduardo (The Human Tour) and Linda (HappyMe)!

 Geoface, Asturias, Spain. GEOFACE 

Geoface in Asturias

IWORU, Asturias, Spain: IWORU


We collaborate with Geoface and Iworu in many ways; you can ask for more information if you are interested in travelling to Asturias or maybe you would like to have us in some of your events or seminars giving a discourse about Responsible Tourism, Marketing or how to develop the tourism products in Finland or in Spain.

Mood of Finland, Hyvinkää, Finland

logo_CMYK läpinäkyvä

We are developing new  products for you all and are open for your suggestions and needs.

Our main point is to develop a new concept of package holidays based on responsibility, in regenerative way, gathering travelers from different countries to the same destination and offering activities to share  and have experiences together.

I am interested in offering educational services as well; I am qualified teacher and  have more thant ten years experience as lecturer. I am used to organize seminars and workshops and I am happy to inspire people to have  new ideas in their work.

Eduardo (The Human Tour) has many years of experience in international Tourism business. At the moment he concentrates in other type of doing, influencing the local politicians and decision makers on Canary Island.

Linda (HappyMe) had a beautiful idea of redesigning the meetings and event in a new way, respecting the environment and well-being of the participants. We had plans to offer journeys to Spain to the travelers interested in meditation and yoga from Finland and Sweden. Keep you informed. Maybe one day this dream comes true.


We don´t have a plan or strict strategy about our common future, we will see what happens. A lot depends on you, on our guests. Sometimes is good to start designing services even though everything is not so ready;  finally all the problems get solved as we say in Finland!



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