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I am grateful for my work  in Tourism industry – I have learned a lot and I have got so many nice opportunities to  meet wonderful people from so many other countries.  I am happy to help  you in any questions about Tourism business in Finland, Tourism research and Education. I have been working in Tourism business since I was very young which means more than twenty years´working experience now.

I have been studying Tourism and other subjects related to it all my life. I lived more than ten years abroad, mostly in Spain and I think it´s one of the significant parts of my life, both in private and in professional life.

Respect and responsibility are good values in life and in business. I am also commited to the slogan of Finnish brand: ”Finland is the country where the problems get solved.”

You can read more about my carreer and backround here:


You can download my CV here: Anu_Nylund_CV

I have established a company called Mood of Finland the 1st of January 2018. Please,  have a look of our websites: Mood of Finland

I am official, authorized Tour Guide in Helsinki, but English is not one of my official working languages. If  you are looking for an English speaking Tour Guide in Helsinki I can recommend you some of my colleagues. That´s the name of the fair game.

In case you are looking for someone with whom collaborate in Tourism Research, training or you would like  to discuss about transmodernity, Responsability, Tourism Education or other themes related to them, please be in contact with me.

My language skills are the following:

Finnish – mother tongue
Spanish – excellent level writing and oral
English – very fluent
Swedish –  could be better
German – many years of studies but quite poor at the moment

Hope to hear from you!

With kind regards,


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