A future oriented innovator in Regenerative Tourism in Finland

From a responsible Tourism professional to a future oriented innovator 

My name is Anu Nylund  and I have been working in Tourism Industry for more than 25 years, in Finland and in Spain. I have a Master’s degree in Social Sciences (Tourism research, University of Lapland 2014). and during my professional career, I have been specializing in responsible tourism and education. Since couple of years I have been networking with international influencers and researchers in Regenerative movement and have completed three Regenerative Tourism courses in Spanish in 2021.

I have put into practice what I have learned in theory and have conceptualized a few innovative tourism concepts, the first of which is called Love Forest Finland. In order to operate in full accordance with my own values, I have founded Mood of Finland company in 2018 which mission is to act for a better future.

You can read my definition about Responsible Tourism here: Resumen del estudio de Turismo Responsable en Ingles / Responsible Tourism – study result in brief in English. 

I was nominated one of the finalist of Responsible Tourism actors in Finland in 2017. The two other ones were Finnair and Port of Helsinki. Finnair won.

I hereby invite you to follow the story of mine as a responsible tourism professional:

If you knew me a year ago, you don´t really know me any more as evolution is continuous. Please, let me introduce myself again.

At the moment the main interest in my career is to develop the Tourism business in regenerative way.  I want to participate in the transformation of tourism at the rate of change in the world around us. Therefore I am learning more and implementing what I learn about Regenerative Tourism. You read more about my thoughts here: Regeneration 

Since 2020, I have been involved in an international Regenerative Tourism network and have completed an education of two levels in Spanish on the subject in September 2021.matriz certificado Tr 2certificado_TR1

I have started to redesign tourism services in regenerative way and launched a concept called Love Forest Finland which I hope to be welcomed globally.

At the heart of regenerative tourism is the idea that the communities themselves define the form and content they want to develop their own place and seek solutions how to produce well-being and how to help nature to regenerate. Community residents must find answers to questions about what they love about the place, what they are proud of, and what matters most to them. Services are not developed for the sake of production, but to promote the common good and holistic well-being. Instead of destinations, we speak of communities.

I had a beautiful opportunity to form part of the team to design the concept of ”Shepherd Holidays” in Finnish Lapland.:

I am willing to share my experiences and I am very interested in learning more.

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