To travel or not to travel… Just to remind you how to be Responsible Tourist (Eng)

Responsible Tourist respect the local

In the middle of all the changes we are living in Tourism Industry is good to cool down, and think of our values in life and reflect them in our behavior when traveling. What kind of traveller are you? Teemu Toijan

Make a test  just reading the short material and discover whether you are Traditional, Modern, Postmodern or Transmodern: What kind of traveller  are you?

What ever your ”result” is, you can be responsible Tourist. Even the small changes are significant when making Tourism more responsible industry.

I got the oportunity to write as visiting blogger for Visit Helsinki ( Helsinki´s official Tourist office)  Web pages. It was nice to think about responsibility in local aspect as I usually think about Tourism industry in global level. There are many things we can do in responsible way when travelling in our home country; we can sleep in a family owned hostel or other type of accomodation instead of staying at our friends´ place. We can take our friends to have a coffee or dinner in a local restaurant. We can save water and electricity when staying away from home and we can buy local food and bewerage or handicraft to take home – and support local entrepreuners.

Read more in Visit Helsinki blog: Responsible Tourist in Helsinki by Anu Nylund


Have a nice Easter holiday! Yellow is, by the way, color of Hope and Joy!

Iloista pääsiäistä! Keltainen on toivon ja ilon väri.


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